ROOTED - Hobby turned passion

Our handcrafted products and home decor items are modern yet classic. Each piece is designed to make a statement and complement your existing color palette, using unique materials and natural pigments, combined with plants and natural scented candles to add a splash of style and color to your home, office, or business.

All products are handmade, each is carefully designed with different colors, shapes, and techniques making our pieces authentic, unique, and one of a kind, for greener and warmer spaces

Designed by Israa Omary from Nazareth, an Architect and designer, in love with plants and materials.

About us

Rooted-  A small dream that is getting bigger with each step.

I'm very grateful for opportunities I didn’t decline. These chances and opportunities made me who I am today, shaped me and brought out the best of me in a way that I could put into my designs, making sure each piece is unique, different & made with love.

Our story

An idea, a challenge – a space for creation and a dream that came true.

It all started when I was super bored at home during the Covid pandemic when I had a lot of time and plenty of cactuses with no pots.  So I decided to make ones of my own, for me, and for fun.

As an architect, I’ve used the concrete before with my projects and loved the material, so the journey of casting began.

At some point it paid off and the results of my work started to attract people’s interests. People started asking if I’m selling these pieces. I said yes, and I’ve never stopped since then.  With a lot of time and effort, this baby is still growing. I took it from there and developed the products in a more professional way,  since then it’s been almost three years with my small business. Now we have the concrete collection and The Jesmointe collection displayed at our studio, where we get to meet you and have fun together at the workshops.

Our goal

We aim to revive the old market as a cultural center filled with arts and crafts. We hope to strengthen the sense of community and belonging around the old market.

Our goal is to make greener spaces with special handcrafted pieces merged with unique plants, and to create warmer spaces with natural beeswax candles poured with love and essential oils.